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Smoking Gorilla Under the Sun

Smoking Gorilla Under the Sun

All paintings on MAMBO JAMBO are characterized by diversity and richness in design. "Smoking Gorilla Under the Sun" is well represent traditions and unique style that only can be found in our studio. Gorilla symbols old man relaxed under the bright sun of Arusha. The cleanest eyes of man shows confidence of his rest. Also the warmness of the painting is not drawn with color redish, yellowish, or else but only with ray of sunlights. Even on his cigar, fire is not represented with red instead he used smoke. These splendid and harmonious skills of paintings only available in MAMBO JAMBO.  


    Artist: DR. BULUGU

    Year of Painting: 2022

    Materials: Oil and Canvas

    Size: 60 x 80 cm

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