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Gargoyle Statue

to The l'aventure

Française Painting

WAY TO The l'aventure: Adventure

After travelling Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2022, I decided find myself into more bigger world. I continued climbing and this time I climbed steep vertical cliff of Hoher Dachstein, Austrian Alps, by only rope and steels. My purpose of this trip was advancing myself again but also find and help another artists who is suffering by different difficulties after stabilizing Tanzanian collection: The Mwanzo.  

IMPORTANCE of The l'aventure: Adventure

Paris seems luxurious and nothing related with help. However, Paris is city with suffering refugees. Many different types of disaster destroyed and deforced people from their living. They became vulnerable and obliged to flee from their home. Most of them obliged to move to capital city of developed countries that looks fancy; such as Paris. Some of them had talented skill in painting. Still, they remained in poor living conditions and I wanted to help them by Mambo Jambo. 

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